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Daler Rowney GOC 225ML

Painting is enjoyed by children of all ages Washable Watercolor art is creative.Daler Rowney Water Color helps you create beautiful works of art. This pigment paint collection is comprised of a wide spectrum of vivid colors which are all water soluble. The set is for any student, teacher or adult who wants to experiment with different watercolors and is looking for a great value.

Art Masking Fluid 175 ML

  •  It is used to create striking white highlights or to mask areas for overpainting at a later stage.
  • It forms a fast-drying, water-resistant film on watercolor paper and board, easily removable by rubbing with an eraser, soft tissue, or cotton ball when dry.
  • An old brush, pen or cotton ball should be used to apply Masking Fluid, as it is extremely difficult to remove from brushes when dry.

GOC Studio Set 10X38 ML + Brush

The Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Colour Studio Set contains ten 38ml colours and a FREE Georgian Oil Round Brush No. 1

Gum Arabic Solution 75 ML

Increases the gloss and transparency of watercolours.

Ox Gall Solution 75 ML

  •  Daler Rowney Ox Gall Solution is used to increase the wetting and flow of watercolours.
  •  Add just a few drops of Ox Gall Solution to the mixing water before diluting.

Picture Varnish 300 ML

  • Daler Rowney Artists' Clear Picture Varnish is a removable picture varnish that produces a clear even gloss finish, which will not yellow or bloom when painted on dry oil paintings.

Retouching Varnsh 175 ML

  • 175ml bottle
  • Reactivates the original quality of the oil painting dry or dull
  • Painting your retoucher
  • Much more end the varnish applied as a final layer
  • Vernis versatile

Simply Oil Starter Set 16 Pc

Daler Rowney Simply Oil Starter Set 16 pcs with 12 x 12ml, Daler Rowney, Oil Painting