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Printable Wall Papers

Jettex printable wallpaper is a PVC-free fire retardant wall covering fabric, part of the Evergreen lineup of Saint Clair Textiles. This eco-friendly, one-sided printable fabric can bring vibrancy to various spaces such as entryways, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and showrooms. It is particularly suitable for environments where human health is a priority, including hospitals, hotels, and restaurants.

Fine Art Paper And Canvas

The Canson® Infinity fine art and photo range has a superior pedigree with a history that dates back centuries, offering Exceptional quality and character, Stellar printing performance, Consistency and Value.Known throughout the world for quality, the Canson brand has been used for centuries by the world’s finest artists. Artists and photographers can choose between a variety of textures and media aesthetics that enable them to fully express their creativity and produce master prints. Traditional artists can reproduce editions on the same paper used for their original work, providing the same look and legitimacy required for their own masterpiece. Museum Grade I No OBAs I Acid free I High D-Max I Sharpness I Longevity